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Frequently asked questions


What is SG Bike?

SG Bike is Singapore’s first locally established bicycle sharing company, providing bicycles coupled with Geostation technology. These physical devices create virtual docking stations for our bicycles, to encourage users to park responsibly and allow the next user to much more conveniently locate an available bicycle. This also helps to curb indiscriminate parking of shared bicycles in our city.

SG Bike strives to enhance the ride experience for commute, leisure, and health, by providing bicycles that are convenient to unlock (with the option of unlocking via a paired EZ-link card) and easy to ride.

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How are fares calculated?

There is no deposit needed for SG Bike.

Standard SG Bike charges 1.00 SGD for the first 30 minutes of usage; 0.03 SGD for every subsequent minute of usage (after the first 30 minutes).


1. Rental of bicycle for 5 minutes, you will be charged 1.00 SGD.

2. Rental of bicycle for 30 minutes, you will be charged 1.00 SGD.

3. Rental of bicycle for 35 minutes, you will be charged 1.15 SGD (1.00 SGD + 0.03 SGD x 5).

How do I top up my e-wallet?

To top up your SG Bike e-wallet, simply go to My Wallet -> Top-up.

You will need to link a valid credit/debit card to your SG Bike account. All top ups made are strictly non-refundable, and the minimum top-up amount is 10.00 SGD.

There will be no expiry date for the balance in your e-wallet.

What if my account balance is negative?

You will not be able to unlock a bicycle when your account balance is negative. You will need to make a top-up into your e-wallet before you can ride again.

How do I redeem my promo code?

To redeem your promo code, simply go to My Wallet -> My Coupons. Enter your promo code, and click Redeem. Your ride coupon will be reflected below. Enjoy your free ride!


How do I locate the bicycles?

Our bicycles are marked with a red bicycle icon within the app’s map. Designated parking areas are marked with a “P” icon.

How do I unlock the bicycle?

There are 2 ways that you can unlock our bicycles:

Method 1: Scan the QR code that is located on the lock or the bicycle handle

Method 2: Key in the 4-digit bicycle code that can be found on the below the QR code

I'm unable to unlock the bicycle

Please check that you have sufficient balance in your e-wallet. If you are using a contactless card, check that the card has been successfully paired.

Wait for one minute and attempt to unlock the bicycle again. If you are unable to unlock the bicycle for the second time, the bicycle may be temporarily unavailable. Please try another bicycle.

You can also report the issue to us by clicking on the customer service icon located at the bottom-right of the app.


Where should I park the bicycle?

Once you are done with your ride, park your bicycle in the designated parking areas such as those indicated by the "P" icon inside the app which are commonly at yellow boxes and/or public bicycle racks. Following, you will be prompted in app to scan the QR Codes located at the parking area (commonly found at corner of yellow box, or on the wall)! We thank you for doing your part to park responsibly!

What would happen if the bicycle is parked illegally?

Your bicycle will be deemed illegally parked if it is not parked at designated parking areas. Your account may be subjected to a 5.00 SGD fine. Recalcitrant users may also have their accounts banned across all bike sharing operators

I have successfully locked and returned the bicycle, but the trip does not end

Please try to relaunch the SG Bike app. If the problem persists, kindly report the situation to us by clicking on the customer service icon on the bottom-right corner on the homepage. We will make sure that you will not be charged wrongly for your ride.


What is Family Plan? (Currently unavailable)


With our Family Plan, you can unlock up to 3 bicycles with a single account.

You will be able to pair up to 2 contactless cards, and you can simply tap those cards on the card reader of the bicycle to unlock them. You can add or remove the paired cards at any time.

A maximum of 3 bicycles can be unlocked from the same parent account: 1 bicycle using the SG Bike app, 2 bicycles using the contactless cards.

How is the Family Plan charged?


The subscription fee for the Family Plan is waived and is free. Hurry, sign up now to enjoy riding with your family and friends.

However, rental fees for the bicycles will follow the normal fare charges. You can refer to Fares and Payment for more details.

How do I link my contactless cards to my SG Bike account?


SG Bike allows you to unlock our bicycles with a simple tap of a contactless card! Cards supported are EZ-Link, NETS FlashPay and NFC-enabled cards. Most cards that are issued from 2017 onwards are suitable for pairing.

First, you will need to locate a SG Bike. Next, head to our app and go to Family Plan -> Add Card. Follow the on-screen instructions and your designated card will be paired to your account.

Why should I choose the Family Plan?

(CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE) SG Bike strives to provide convenience for all our users. The Family Plan allows you to share your account with your family or friends, without the need of a smart phone. The Family Plan also encourages the elderly to pick up bicycle sharing, providing them the convenience of unlocking a bicycle with a contactless card.


How can I reach out to SG Bike?

You can reach out to us via Email, Whatsapp, Facebook, and Phone! Please note that our customer service support is only available during weekdays during office hours.

Where is your office located at?

Our office is located at 56 Loyang Way #03-12 Loyang Enterprise S(508775)

I have media related questions, who do I reach out to?

Hello! Please drop us an email at media@sgbike.com.sg


What is SG Bike Ride Pass?

SG Bike always strives to provide value for money travelling alternatives to users. As an alternative to the Pay Per Use model, you can now commute with our SG Bike Ride Pass! It allows users to enjoy unlimited free trips*! Purchase and try out our Ride Pass today! *Only for standard series of bicycle. Each trip is capped at 30 minutes, subsequent minutes are chargeable.

When will the Ride Pass validity start?

Once you purchase our Ride Pass, the validity will start immediately.

Is the EZ Link Card (Family Plan) compatible with the Ride Pass?

No, our Ride Pass is not compatible with any other SG Bike features. If you unlock a SG Bike with a paired EZ Link card, the trip will be charged under the normal billing rates. To enjoy the benefits of the Ride Pass, use the SG Bike App to scan the bicycle's QR code or manually key in the 4 digit code on the bicycle to unlock!

How is the Ride Pass charges calculated?

The ride will be free for the first 30 minute. Should the trip exceed this 30 minutes, the user will be charged $0.03 per minute thereafter. Usage of all other plans (such as Family Plan) will result in charges according to the normal billing.

What happens if the Ride Pass expires after I unlock a bicycle?

If you unlock a SG Bike and your Ride Pass expires before the end of that same trip, you will be charge under our normal billing fees instead.

Can I cancel my Ride Pass? Is the value refundable?

You will not be able to cancel your Ride Pass once you have purchased it. The value of Ride Pass cannot be exchanged for cash or refundable as well.

What happens if I purchase another Ride Pass while my current one is still valid?

You will not be able to do so, the system will prompt that you already have an existing valid ride pass

Does the Ride Pass auto-renews after it expires?

We are happy to share that we have introduced the auto-renew feature! Your ride pass will automatically renew if it is enabled.

Can I still use my SG Bike existing coupons with a valid Ride Pass?

If you have a valid Ride Pass, any existing coupons in "My Wallet" will not be used. Charges will still follow according to your purchased Ride Pass.

How does Auto-renew works for ride pass?

If auto-renew is enabled, your ride pass will automatically be renewed at the end of your ride pass. We will first attempt to deduct the prevailing charges via your account wallet. If unsuccessful, we will attempt to deduct from your credit/debit card. Failure to do so will result in failure of auto renewal


I like to organise an event, and would love SG Bike to help us out!

Looking for bicycles for an event you're hosting? Planning a company retreat or a school night cycling trip? Let us help! With our wide range of bicycle options available, there is surely something for every budget. Drop us an email to info@sgbike.com.sg with your event details and our representative will get back to you!


How can I request for more bicycles?

Thank you for your support! You may drop your request at https://www.sgbike.com.sg/request-sg-bike and we hope to be serving you at your preferred areas soon! :)

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