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SG Bike & Mobike

The license transfer is completed and you can now use the SG Bike app to unlock Mobike and/or rebranded Mobike bicycles!

Get started by downloading the SG Bike app now!

  1. What is happening between SG Bike and Mobike?
    Following our joint announcement with Mobike on 13th August 2019, SG Bike is happy to share that we have gotten the approval from LTA and have taken over Mobike’s license of 25,000 bicycles to become the largest bike sharing operator in Singapore! Thank you for waiting!

    We are transiting to make these bicycles available and you can look forward to enjoying our services in more areas in Singapore! Launch your SG Bike app now and find the nearest bicycle now! 😊

  2. I heard there is a FREE TRIAL to unlock Mobike for free…!?
    The free trial has ended... BUT! Keep a lookout as there will definitely be more! 

  3. Why did SG Bike and Mobike decide on this agreement?
    As a homegrown brand, SG Bike is committed to the local bike sharing market and has always been looking to better serve the community since its launch.

    With Mobike's plan to adjust its international strategies, SG Bike and Mobike felt that the best way to secure the future of the existing 25,000 bicycles and ensure a highly efficient bike sharing scheme in Singapore was to take this move. With the added Mobike fleet, SG Bike remains committed to connect even more people and their destinations in a safe, affordable, and convenient way.

    SG Bike is also thankful for the trust and confidence that Mobike has for SG Bike to grow the bike sharing culture and industry and will strive towards nation’s progress for a car-lite society to benefit users, residents, and the environment.

  4. I am an SG Bike user, what will happen to me?
    We've heard your request for more bicycles! You now have access to A WHOE LOT MORE bicycles in Singapore! These will include both SG Bike and Mobike bicycles!

  5. I am an existing Mobike user, what will happen to me?
    The Mobike app is no longer usable. Please kindly download the SG Bike app in order to continue using both SG Bike and Mobike bicycles! For your convenience, you can click here!

  6. What will happen to my existing Mobike account credit and ride pass on Mobike?
    You will be able to transfer and convert your Mobike account credit and ride pass to SG Bike account credit and ride pass.

    To do so, simply download/update to the latest SG Bike app. Create an account or login with the same existing Mobike mobile number. Following, you will receive an in-app prompt to confirm the process. It is a really simple process, we promise! 😊 (please also note that SG Bike ride pass terms and conditions will now apply!) 

  7. What happens if I am a customer of both SG Bike and Mobike?
    After you transfer and convert your Mobike ride pass and credit to SG Bike, they will be added to your existing SG Bike ride pass and account credit! You will be able to unlock both SG Bike and Mobike bicycles, YAY!

  8. Are you increasing your prices?
    There are currently no plans to increase the prices! You can continue to enjoy our prevailing rates for the increased number of bicycles. Enjoy~

  9. What can I do with the SG Bike account credit and ride pass?
    You can use the account credit to pay for pay per use rides, or purchase our SG Bike ride pass! The SG Bike ride pass allows you unlimited trips capped at 30 minutes for standard bicycle series! Please note that additional usage is chargeable on a $0.03 per minute basis! 

  10. Where can I find all the bicycles?
    Simply launch the app to find the nearest bicycles! Do note that due to GPS shifts, you may have to look around a little the indicated location. Otherwise, check the designated bicycle parking areas! Psst, remember to park the bicycles at designated areas after you use them so that the next user can find them! Find out more at

  11. I did not get the prompt to transfer… is there a problem?
    Hmm, did you already transferred your Mobike account without knowing? Or perhaps you didn’t have an Mobike account? Check in with us via email at for our support team to check and assist you!

  12. What will happen to my existing trip history and ride data?
    SG Bike will only be transferring your existing account balance and ride pass, sorry!

  13. I can’t unlock some Mobike bicycles, they keep giving me an error, why?
    Hmm, sounds like there might be a problem with the bicycle! Not to worry, simply let us know over email and our team will check that bicycle out

  14. What if I have some existing issues/problems with my Mobike account? What should I do?
    Need to check your existing Mobike account? Need to make a parking appeal? Or you have questions for the Mobike team? Fret not! Mobike Singapore's customer support team will still be available for now and you can still reach out to them via email at

  15. What will happen to my existing Mobike deposit?
    As shared previously, any Mobike deposit will automatically be converted into SG Bike credit which you can use to pay for rides or to purchase a ride pass. If for some reason you did not manage to withdraw your deposit, you can reach out to us for an option to opt out by dropping us an email at before 25th February 2020. Please be reminded that this is different from account credits, which is strictly non-refundable!

  16. I have more questions and feedbacks... what can I do?
    Please email us at and we will be happy to assist you further. We seek your understanding as we aim to reply you as soon as possible. Alternatively, you may head back here to check on any updated FAQ or information.

  17. Find out and read more here too:

    Last updated: 31st December 2019

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