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Cycling around East Coast Park? Top 8 Spots that YOU Must Visit!

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

Two people cycling at ECP

Looking for a quick getaway from the bustling city? East Coast Park is the place to be for the perfect cycling trip: 15km stretch of beaches, filled with playgrounds at the Marine & Raintree Cove, thrilling water sports activities as well as plethora of restaurants to satisfy everyone!🙌

1. Rent a bike at ECP

Guy pushing SG Bike

Looking for a bike rental at East Coast Park? Before heading down to ECP, download the SG Bike app here and register for an SG Bike account.

Then, simply locate the available bicycles through the app and unlock them by scanning the QR code on the bicycles!

Psst.. SG Bike comes with both pay-per-use as well as Ride Pass (unlimited 30-minute trips for 7 or 30 days) options. Furthermore, no deposit is required to begin!

Address: Start and end your trip with an SG Bike from anywhere!

Operating Hours: 24 hours - Unlock your SG Bike at any hour!

2. Marine Cove

Guy cycling SG Bike at playground at Marine Cove

Discover the dream playground for kids of different ages here at Marine Cove! Covering an area of 3,500 sqm, the playground is packed with play equipment such as an 8m lighthouse-like tower, swings, rock-climbing wall and more!😆

Address: 1000 ECP, Singapore 449876

Operating Hours: 24 hours

3. Raintree Cove

Guy lying on hammock with SG Bike in front

At just a short distance away, you can find Raintree Cove which is an open lawn equipped with a variety of swings (hammock, saucer, garden swing etc.) to laze on. Upcycled log seats, deck chairs, and moulded pebble-like seats are also perfect spots to read, relax and revitalize 🧘🏻‍♂️. A cool chill spot to stop by for a break!

Address: 1018 ECP, Raintree Cove S, Singapore 449877

Operating Hours: 24 hours

4. Coastal PlayGrove (Former Big Splash site)

Remember the well-loved water park, Big Splash? The site has been redeveloped into Coastal PlayGrove, a family-friendly destination with tube slides and water play areas that spans 4.5 hectares in space. This revamped site with a whole host of play areas is the latest hotspot that you can enjoy for endless hours of outdoor activity and fun!

Find out more about Coastal PlayGrove attractions such as Play Tower, Water Play Area, Outdoor Classroom and more here!

Address: 902 East Coast Park Service Rd, Singapore 449874

Operating Hours: Differs for different facilities, find out more here

5. Picnic/Camping by the beach

Guy and girl sitting beside the beach in ECP with SG Bike

Looking for a weekend picnic with a view? With a scenic coastline that stretches more than 15km, the beach at East Coast Park might just be your answer! Grab a spot under the swaying coconut palms and casuarinas in the park, and enjoy the white sandy beaches with a relaxing sea breeze! 🏖️🍉

Don't forget to bring your buckets and shovels to build sandcastles along the beach!

6. Water sports (Singapore Wake Park)

Singapore Wake Park at ECP

The perfect place for adrenaline junkies and water sports lovers! 🏄🏼‍♀️🌊 Singapore Wake Park is Singapore's only cable-ski park that is built in a lagoon. It caters to riders of all experience levels as the park features three cable systems.

There are wooden decks with seating for lounging as well as a café and bar, Coastal Rhythm, to chill in between the cable-ski sessions. Even if you are not there to ski, it is also a good place to hang around to enjoy the sea breeze and uninterrupted view of the lagoon.

Address: 1206A ECP, Singapore 449891

Operating Hours & Pricing: Find out more about the detailed list here

7. East Coast Lagoon Food Village

East Coast Lagoon

Looking for a place to re-energize after a day of cycling? East Coast Lagoon Food Village is the top spot in the Eastern part of Singapore and is regarded as a food paradise. At East Coast Lagoon Food Village, you will be able to find the local favourites such as hokkien mee, BBQ chicken, fried oyster omelette, and more!

Find out our list of must-try dishes at East Coast Lagoon Food Village here

8. Bedok Jetty

Guy with SG Bike at Bedok Jetty

Bedok Jetty is one of Singapore's longest jetties with a walkway that stretches 300m out into the sea. Did you know that it was a former military jetty used regularly for military exercises and international humanitarian missions? ✈️

It is now a popular spot for anglers with a huge diversity of potential catches, making it a favourite among the local fishing community. Cycling and walking paths are well-demarcated along the jetty, making it accessible for cyclists and joggers to enjoy the sunsets on the pier in the evening! 🌅

9. Changi Jurassic Mile (BONUS)

Girl and guy cycling along Changi Jurassic Mile

Finished exploring the fun spots of East Coast Park? Why not travel through the park connector from East Coast Park to Changi Jurassic Mile (4-5 kilometers) to discover attractions such as an outdoor display of 22 “life-sized” dinosaur models - from a trio of velociraptors to a towering Tyrannosaurus Rex! 🦕

Stay tuned to find out more about this in our upcoming article!


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