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Last Minute Gifts Everyone Will Love This Holiday Season!

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

Gift Ideas for Christmas

Worrying about what to get for your loved ones this Christmas?🎄 We have some ideas!

What better way to surprise them than with the gift of experience! Here are some of our suggestions for these unique gifts!🎁


Gift Idea 1: Message in a Bottle

message in a bottle gift

Image by Mathilde on Flickr

First up, writing a handwritten note in a fancy bottle is an awesome yet innovative gift idea!

Not only is it customisable, it also provides a unique way of expressing your heartfelt feelings in an old school way!📝 Make a promise, include a 10 year plan, or print a memorable photo - it's your call!

Small bottles, big bottles, coloured, or transparent🍼! There are so many different options that are available to you🍾 Head down to your nearest gift shop on our SG Bike to enjoy the wide plethora of gift ideas!

Pro Tip: Make sure that the bottle's opening is wide enough to retrieve the note before plopping it in!!!

Gift Idea 2: A cycling experience with a FREE SG Bike Ride Pass!

Forget the plain old physical gifts. Make a plan to enjoy the day by exploring Singapore by bicycles! 🚲

The best part? We are giving away free 7 days ride pass to use on our standard bicycles islandwide... AND you can even stand to win a Nintendo Switch for yourself!

Simply get yourself and your friends to join our Cycleland Challenge by registering here, and you will instantly receive a free 7 days ride pass! Make a plan and head out to win better prizes by riding more with SG Bike!

Psst… my tip would be to combine the SG Bike Ride Pass and take as many rides as you can during this period in order to win the biggest prize!

A 7 days ride pass costs just $3.90, while a 30 days ride pass costs $11.90! What are you waiting for? Download the SG Bike app and start exploring Singapore!😊🚲

We have also curated some cycling routes for you and your loved ones to partake in!

Gift Idea 3: Explosion Gift Box

Explosion Gift Box

They say when it comes to gift giving, its the thought that counts!🤔 In that case, why not make your very own handcrafted explosion gift boxes! 💥

An explosion gift box is an origami box that explodes to reveal pictures, messages or even gifts inside! (it’s up to you what you want to put in)

To begin, all you need is a few basic things:

  1. 5x stock cards (4 for the box itself and 1 for the lid)

  2. Scrapbook Paper (for little notes)

  3. Scissors

  4. Glue Stick

  5. Pictures📷

  6. Decorations🎀🌹

Head down to your neighbourhood art & crafts store to procure your supplies, allocate an hour or so to do the handicraft and WALLA!~ you have your explosion gift box!

For more instructions on how to create more layers, check out this link here!

So what are you waiting for? Get creative💡, go ahead and make the best Christmas gift your loved ones deserve! 🎄 Let us know whether it works for you, and if not, feel free to let us know what other gift ideas have worked for you via Facebook or Instagram! ♥


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