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We Chose The Perfect Spotify Cycling Playlist Just For YOU! (One for every MOOD)

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

Couple resting after cycling around Marina Bay

Missing your friends and feeling a little lonely during solo rides down the park or city? Music is here to accompany you during those trips!

Besides the sheer enjoyment of jamming to your favourite tunes while pedalling, music offers a lot more benefits to cyclists than just that. Many studies have shown significant improvements in performance and focus when cyclists tune in to certain playlists by reducing distractions and keeping a good pace.

Wait no further… we have scoured the internet and curated the PERFECT cycling playlist for every mood just for YOU!

1. Daily Lift: Start your day with a BLAST!

What's the next most important thing in the morning besides breakfast? A playlist that sets you in the flow and boosts you into the zone for the day! ☀️

Tip: You can unlock an SG Bike and cycle it to your nearest bus stop or MRT to travel to work.

2. WORK OUT: Who says you can't enjoy yourself when working out?

This is for all the K-pop fans out there!

Psst... perfect to get a cycling workout in before the BTS McDonald's meal 🤣

3. Top 50 - Singapore: For the trend-setters & fashionista (but for music) 😉

What's the poppin' tracks at the moment? This playlist provides you with the best daily update of the most played tracks around Singapore!

Psst... also a good opportunity to stay relevant with the teens.

4. Songs to Sing in the Shower: Who says 1 + 1 cannot be 1?

Missing karaoke already? Hum along to these hits while cycling through East Coast Park or Marina Bay along with the evening breeze!

5. Evening Commute: Your after-work go-to tracks!

Shake off the soreness in your neck and back by hopping on an SG Bike! Let the music flow and ride into the picture-perfect sunset. 🌇

6. BONUS: Create your own playlist!

This is for the ones out there who do not believe in "One size fits all". Spend an afternoon curating your favourite tunes into a cohesive playlist for your next cycling trip!

Man putting on earbuds while sitting on a bicycle along Marina Bay

That's all folks! The best cycling playlists for all occasions and moods for you to explore before your next trip. We enjoy music as much as we love cycling here at SG Bike!

Till next time, keep the music playing and stay moving!

Important to take note: Please be safe when cycling with music by ensuring that the music is played at a low volume and play it through your speakers or simply keep one earbud out when using headphones. Not only that, please refrain from using your mobile phones while cycling and only access them when you stop to take a break!


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