Tap on your profile icon (it is located at the bottom left of the screen)

1. Tap on your Profile

Tap on "Balance".


Psst, on this page you will also see a few other useful buttons on this page! Remember to check out the Bike Pass page later on!

3. Tap "Balance"

Fill up your card details and hit on "Submit"

5. Fill up details

Once it's done, you will see a confirmation prompt. 

To further verify, tap on the "back" button

7. Add Successful

You should see a Visa/Mastercard/Amex card logo icon at the bottom. This means you're all good to go!

Either continue to top up or start enjoying your ride!

9. DONE!

Tap on "My Wallet" once the menu pop out.

2. Tap "My Wallet"

Tap on "Payment". Rest assured that as long as you do not have a linked credit/debit card with us, there not be any deductions yet!

4. Tap "Payment"

Now, our payment gateway will verify your card, so please give it a few seconds!

6. Let it do its work

And now tap on "Balance" again

8. Tap "Balance"

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