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Pricing and

Ride unlimited free trips, or opt to pay from your e-wallet whenever you use our services! Whichever option you pick, you'll get to enjoy the convenience of bike sharing anytime, anywhere!

Ride Pass


7/30 days ride pass option that allows you to have unlimited 30 minutes trip on our standard series bicycles!

  • $0.03 per minute thereafter

  • Not applicable to premium series bicycles (standard pay per use rates applies)

  • Automatically renewed unless cancelled


Pay Per Use

Top-up and enjoy the convenience of paying only when you ride our bicycles! The best part? No expiry dates!

Standard Series Bicycles:

  • $1.00 for first 30 minutes, $0.03/min thereafter

Premium Series Bicycles:

  • From $4.00 onwards, price varies on model

  • Check SG Bike app for accurate pricing

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