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The Ultimate Cycling Guide to Spending a Perfect Saturday at Marina Bay Singapore!

3 Guys with an SG Bike at Helix Bridge

Marina Bay Singapore is one of the most distinctive landmarks of this beautiful city, and should no doubt be included in your travel bucket list 📍. From the best recreational activities to luxury shopping and great views, the area is packed full of fun things for you to do and to indulge in the best experiences.

Unsure about what to see and do around Marina Bay Singapore? Read on as we have an exploration guide for you to make the most of your weekends!


1. Rent an SG Bike for less than $2/hr

Renting at SG Bike at Marina Bay Singapore

Boy unlocking an SG Bike at Marina Bay Singapore

Feel the wind and explore Marina Bay on wheels! 💨🚴 Head over to the yellow bicycle parking area located just outside Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beers (The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands) and pick any of your favourite bikes. Download the App here and unlock the bicycle by scanning the QR Code near the smart lock to begin your journey!

​Hello there! You're new to SG Bike? 😊

Here is an exclusive first-timer promotion for you! Enjoy FREE unlimited 30-mins ride for 3 days. Simply use promo code <3DAYSFIRST> in-app. T&Cs apply*

2. Visit Red Dot Design Museum – A Boutique Museum

Two guys pushing SG Bike and walking past Red Dot Design Museum

Cycle away from The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands and you’ll soon reach a must-visit attraction filled with awesome design concepts. This museum will enchant everyone including visitors across the globe with their award-winning design works found throughout its exhibitions, museum shop and permanent collection 🏛️.

3. Snap Instagrammable Photos at Marina Bay Waterfront Promenade

A guy and girl cycling at Marina Bay Singapore

Get a good view of Singapore’s impressive city skyline 🏙️ filled with a collection of architectural icons as you cycle down the scenic waterfront promenade. This is no doubt the perfect running or cycling route for runners and cyclists alike.

A group of friends with SG Bike taking a photo at Marina Bay Singapore

Don’t forget to snap some Instagram-worthy photos along the way! 📸

4. Cycle over to the Helix Bridge

A guy with an SG Bike at Helix Bridge

As you make a loop around Marina Bay, you’ll soon reach yet another iconic landmark, the Helix Bridge 🧬. This world’s first double helix bridge offers you a visually stunning experience – even better if you manage to catch a view of it at night! The glow from the dynamic multi-colored LED lights installed on the helix structures makes the bridge look spectacular with its gleaming presence 💡.

5. Explore the Museum of Creativity - ArtScience Museum

A girl and a guy with an SG Bike in front of ArtScience Museum

Locals or tourists alike must visit this iconic lotus-shaped building situated amid Singapore’s Skyline. It hosts an awe-inspiring array of international touring exhibits that combines art 🎨 and science ⚗️ to tell stories in a deeply immersive experience. While you're there, don't miss out on its permanent exhibit, Future World: Where Art Meets Science! It consists of various futuristic installations perfect for both adults and children to see, interact and explore 👀👃🏻👂🏻.

6. Shop at Singapore’s Largest Luxury Mall - The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands

A group of guys and girls taking a photo with SG Bike in front of The Shoppes Marina Bay Singapore

2 guys returning SG Bike back at Marina Bay Singapore's Parking Area

End your bike trip by heading back to the same bicycle parking spot to return the bicycle. Simply push down the lever on the smart lock and scan the parking QR Code located within the yellow bicycle parking box itself, and you’re done! Walk over to The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands (over 270 boutiques and dining concepts!) for some dinner and late-night luxury shopping 🛍️.

Two guys taking a photo at One Fullerton

If walking is not your thing, why not spice up your Saturday by discovering Marina Bay Singapore on wheels. With more time to spare, you'll get to cover and admire the attractions with twice the amount of time 😛. Try this guide and we guarantee that this might just be one of the best experiences you’ve ever had!

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*By redeeming the promo code, you will receive a valid 3 days SG Bike ride pass which allows you to enjoy unlimited free 30 minutes on our standard series bicycles. After the free 3 days, the pass will automatically renew at $11.90 for 30 days. Limited redemptions for new users only. Refer to for full T&C.



I recently explored the Marina Bay cycling routes and found it inspiring! Scenic views combined with smooth paths make this place a paradise for cyclists. I especially liked the area near the Marina Dam. By the way, I recently wrote a research paper on this topic at the university. If you're planning a cycling adventure, be sure to check out this detailed guide Also, for those who are short on time for writing assignments, I highly recommend it. They have been a lifesaver for me during stressful weeks. Happy cycling everyone!


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