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SG Bike Cycling Santa

HOHOHO! Meeting everyone @ MBS to give out presents was the most memorable moment for me this Christmas!🎁 Wishing everyone a Happy New Year ahead🎅

All the best - Santa

Tan xin yi

Very fun and lucky that Singapore has it as an affordable bike option! So fun riding it around the neighbourhood. IT SO FREAKING COOL! Btw Do Provide More Promocode🙏

Ong Yi Han

It was my first time cycling in awhile and I had a great time cycling from ECP to Changi Jurassic Mile! Saw many pretty flowers along the way🌺

Sangeeta Raj

Cycle through East Coast along the PCN was good, smooth and windy. A pleasant ride along the way.

Leong Wee Sen

It is very convenient to find the bike almost anywhere. Feel so great to ride bike at night with a windy weather


Bro here really feel pumped up riding to Gardens By The Bay from Simei, passing by East Coast Park connector. Without SG bike, all this wont be possible.

shiao wei

The best way to spend the family time is going on a bike ride. Thank you Sg Bike for bringing us to explore more fun places in singapore<3


Last year I had just come out of a H2 Math prelim exam room feeling very demoralised. To vent my frustrations I snagged the nearest SG bike and cycled home. The trip was 2hrs but I felt much better.


My wife and sister came to SG from Thailand, when they are in Singapore for holiday, I will get them on SG bikes for ease of exploring the cities and touristy places.

Angela Lim

I love cycling! My first solo ride was unforgettable!! I never thought that I will give a first step out, I'm glad that I did it. More to come, yeah!

Angela Lim

Unforgettable my first sole ride in the late morning ride. I was tanned to ride and decide to give a try on sole ride... It was so much fun, own time own target, more to come. Yeah!


Having the bicycles ready everywhere and the affordable charges, I can explore places and at the same time exercise! Thanks to SgBike, I get the chance to navigate different neighbourhoods.

Trassey Ko

My most memorable SG bike trip would be the impromptu wee hours cycling on a Christmas Eve with my significant other, right after our campfire dinner at East Coast Park.

Bryan Loh

My girlfriend and I took the bikes to explore the Changi Jurassic with some of our closest friends 😊 Thanks to the SG Bike, we comfortably conqured ECP and the Dino Park whilst enjoy the warm breeze


Caught the New Year 2022 Fireworks with SGBike! Memorable indeed as I took the Bike out to cycle around my neighbourhood and eventually reached the Fireworks spot which we chilled at during countdown!

Mandy Chee

Outdoor sports with children is always our first choice. No worries cycling with young toddler because SG bike was a friendly bikes and the charges is affordable. We loved the cycling From Design Museum!

Lionel Lee

It's super convenient compare to other bicycle sharing app in the market. I'm spoilt for choices when I saw the whole row of SGbike waiting for me to ride at Marsiling mrt station.

Jeff Kevin

Its the first RTI I ever had & I was not informed about it because I only thought that we will be riding to Mt.Faber & in East Coast Park. Was very tired & lost 2kg of weight after the ride. Enjoyable experience!!

Hasbullah Rashid

A wonderful and amazing experience! Although we didn't have our own bikes, but SG Bike took us to our food cravings place, easily and accessible.


We respect n like everything about SG bike. Eco n climate friendly, Rent n Ride trendy . Folks are efficient , App is proficient. Trace skyline n scenery, soak in greenery. Healthy, easy, breezy!


Loved the ride around Singapore! Spent the last Saturday cycling at Coney island with my boyfriend!


My city bike at home can’t fit into my car so SG bike has been my go-to bike whenever I want to ride somewhere that is not within the vicinity of my place. It’s convenient to rent, ride and park.👍🏻


Was on a first date at Sentosa with my partner, and stayed out pretty late. Couldn’t get any buses out but there were SG Bikes, which we rode till we were tired. We’ve been together 5 years since.

llim wee kiat

Today I rode SG Bike to get my booster shot. I found my SG Bike at a nearby bus stop and started riding from there. I enjoyed ride SG bike with their christmas deco at the basket. happy holidays!


Had a long ride from Bugis to Swee Choon with my date who has now become my girlfriend. Thanks to SG Bike for creating good memories and wheeling us together!


I had my first night cycling with my GF with SG Bike🚲 It started to rain slightly but we rode on in the rain and cycled around 10km from east coast to town and back. 10/10 will do it again!


Nice experience cycling and exploring SG for the day!


Had a great time with SG Bike, was glad that we went at an off peak time, so we manage to find the bikes easily. On the way the bikes were good with no issue and after we park at Marina barrage~


It was a great experience with SG Bike for our short cycling plan from ECP to Marina barrage. There's a great view along the way and quite a few points for us to park and lock the bikes.


SG Bike is pretty convenient and fun to use!

Firas azmi

I love to ride SG Bike because I can ride it anywhere conveniently so that I dont have to ride the bus and instead ride the bike

Valerie Leow

Using the SG Bike to go night cycling to Admiralty Park with my bf and brother


Celebrated my anniversary by cycling along the skyline at sunset! No words needed to be spoken, we knew the moment was to be enjoyed by fully immersing ourselves in the tranquil scenery and quietude

Jason Koh

Got to know it when they have national day promo and the recent collaborations with brands like H&M,The booking is seemless and i can get a bike easily as they are situated very near to my home

Stanley Sim

SG Bike has always been been my go-to for travelling around the heartlands. From using it to getting to appointments to cycling to get supper with my foodie kakis, many fond memories have been made.


My daughter learned how to ride a bike with SG BIKE and being a member is like having bicycle ready for everywhere you go


I am really happy with SG Bike , for someone who doesn’t own bicycle, i find it very convenient to rent a bike on islandwide Singapore. Cycling really helps on mental health :)


If I could speak the quaint homan language, I'd say in purr delight SG bike stands for the 5 stars ...democracy, peace, progress, justice and equality. Love the pedal scratch! ...beloved com 🐈.

Jamie Chong

Had an enjoyable meal at East Coast Lagoon with my family after a day of fun with SG Bike! Hojiak!!

Emily Leow

What better way to recharge for the new year than cycling with SG Bike along the stunning city skylines😍

Alan Tan

Woke up before the sun rose to catch the sun rise, but the sky was cloudy instead🌥 Feels great to geet an early morning ride in tho!

Jason Loh

As a city boy growing up, my go to comfort place to wind down after a day of work will always be along the City skylines🌆 What better way to do that than with SG Bike!!!

Alvin Teng

My most memorable experience was my evening cycling trip from ECP to Changi Jurassic Mile on Christmas to watch the beautiful dino lights along the whole 1km stretch.😍🎄 Topping that with a pair of Jabras will definitely make the experience better!

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