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Changi Bay Point: A Scenic Coastal Route You Need to Check Out!

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

Guy and girl sitting on the bench at Changi Bay Point with an SG Bike

Getting bored of cycling the same old path in Singapore? Missing the scenic coastal views you get to see overseas? Here is your chance! Changi Bay Point is your next scenic location to experience the ultimate “touristy” vibes and to view the endless natural beauty without having to leave Singapore. 🌇 🌳 🍃

Forming part of the eastern corridor of the Route-Island-Route (RIR), the newly unveiled Changi Bay Point Park Connector is a new outdoor destination for one to explore! It is 3.6km long and connects Changi Beach Park to the East Coastal Park Connector Network.


Aviation Park Road

Opening Hours:

24 Hour


Bus Service: The nearest bus stop is near Carpark 6 of Changi Beach Park

Nearest MRT: Bedok / Tanah Merah

How we got there:

From Bedok Interchange, we boarded Bus 35 and alighted at Before Changi Ferry Road, Changi Coast Road (95161). Upon reaching, we unlocked SG Bike bicycles (Download the SG Bike app here!) located at the yellow bicycle parking box there and cycled just 1 minute before reaching Changi Bay Point Park Connector.

Guy pushing out an SG Bike Bicycle at Bus Stop After Changi Ferry Rd


Keep a lookout for these interesting landmarks:

1. Cycling Bridges

Girl and guy smiling at each other on the cycling bridge of Changi Bay Point park connector

At Changi Bay Point, there are two 80-metre cycling bridges that connects Changi Coast Road and Tanah Merah Coast. Overlooking the waterfront, these bridges indefinitely provide a splendid view of nature as you continue the Route Island Route.

2. Seaside Cycling Paths

Guy and girl cycling at Changi Bay Point

Girl cycling SG Bike at Changi Bay Point Park Connector

The scenic green corridor at Changi Bay Point Park Connector offers seaside views that provide great opportunities for various recreational activities – apart from cycling, one could also take a walk or skate here!

Girl and Guy drinking water at the seaside of Changi Bay Point

With much of the path being filled with Lalang grass, snap some photos along the way to “trick” your friends into thinking you are overseas 😜 – Now you do not have to travel all the way to Jurong Lake Garden’s Lalang field for your dreamy Lalang field shots!

3. Boardwalk and Lookout Pavilion

2 SG Bike Bicycles on the Boardwalk at Changi Bay Point

Girl and guy on the boardwalk of Changi Bay Point

The 140-metre-long boardwalk made from slip-resistant glass fiber and reinforced concrete is connected to a breakwater. This allows visitors to be closer to the water’s edge as they enjoy the unobstructed waterfront views.

Guy and girl pushing SG Bike bicycles on the Pavilion at Changi Bay Point at

Located near the boardwalk is a romantic pavilion with benches 🪑🌲where you can take a break and further admire the tranquil and scenic setting of the coast.

4. Lone & “Floating” Trees

Lone and "Floating" tree at Changi Bay Point

Keep a lookout for a few photogenic little “floating” lone trees as you cycle along the way! You can best view them during high tide as it creates an illusion of the trees “floating” in the sea.

Girl and guy at the Pavilion of Changi Bay Point

For those who wish to shake things up from their monotonous daily exercise routine, (& are a sucker for good views 🌅), this is the place you would not want to miss.


For more cycling routes in Singapore, check out our guides here: Cycling Guides SG Bike

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