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Launch of SG Bike Ride Pass

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

Tired of waiting for a new promo code? Wait no longer!

SG Bike is happy to announce that we have just launched our very own Ride Pass for all SG Bike users to enjoy! HOOORAYYY!

Since our launch last year, SG Bike has had numerous request from all you frequent SG Bike users for a Subscription-Based Pricing Model. We have heard you LOUD and CLEAR and have been working to make this a reality for you all to enjoy our bicycles!

Is it just one new Ride Pass? No! We are introducing not one, not two but three different tiers of Ride Passes for you! It comes as a 30 Days, 90 Days and 180 Days duration Ride Pass. We hope to give you more flexibility to decide which works for you best. But hey, if you ask us, we think the 90 Days Ride Pass has the best value!

View the pricing table below to find out more about the different categories. To celebrate the launch of our new SG Bike Ride Pass, we have a special launch promotion for a limited time period to give you more value at a lower cost! Don't wait any further, save more and get your Ride Pass today!

The SG Bike Ride Pass will allow you to unlock a SG Bike and cycle anywhere and anytime you want for FREE for the first 30 minutes. The subsequent minutes will be charged at $0.03 per minute. Did we forget to mention that you get to enjoy UNLIMITED RIDES as well?

If you frequently use our SG Bike to commute from place to place, do the math and you will definitely see the benefits of our Ride Pass! It gets as low as $0.11 per day for unlimited rides!


Download and update your SG Bike App today to purchase your Ride Pass now! Happy Riding!

Download and update your app at:

Read more about our SG Bike Ride Pass at:

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