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5 Self Care Habits to Start the New Year Right

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

new year journalling for self care

As we welcome 2022 with our customary new year resolutions🎯, we must also prioritise our well-being with intentional steps to cultivate a good habit of being in tune with not only our body, but the mind as well.🧠

Amidst Covid 19, people are forced to turn to digital devices for work, study, socialising and even leisure activities. Such prolonged screen time📱 may lead to feelings of burnout and negatively affect our mood and mental health😟

Here are some tips that you can implement to incorporate self-care into your daily routine to freshen up and fully seize the year ahead!🙌


Habit 1: Make Time for Social Activities!

Friends riding on SG Bike and chatting happily

What is your preferred way to wind down after a long day of work staring at your computer screen?💻 For many people, it is to mindlessly binge-watch and dive into the latest Netflix series available.👀🤩

However, looking at a screen at every waking hour can feed an upcoming digital addiction leading to discomforts such as dry eyes and the lack of quality sleep.😴

Instead, why not make use of the eased social restrictions and grab your friends for a joyride on our SG Bike bicycles! From now till 23 January 2022, you can also get to win FREE prizes 😍 like Nintendo Switch and exclusive merchandise when you join our Cycleland Challenge (Register here)!

Check out some of our curated cycling routes for you to gain some inspiration!

Habit 2: Take Steps Towards a Quality Night Sleep💤

Have you heard of the term “revenge bed-time procrastination”? With the Work from Home (WFH) arrangement, the line between work and play continuously gets blurred leading to leisure activities being done right before bed; at the expense of your beauty sleep.🥱

Studies have shown that one of the biggest impediments to a good night sleep is watching TV, or in your case, the latest KDrama featuring your handsome Oppas and Unnies.😍

A woman using her phone at night before bed

However, the time spent right before bed is particularly important. By continuously using your phone right before bed, the blue light emitted and excitement invoked while watching Park Seo Joon looking suave as usual can trick your brain into being more active than it should be.🧠💨

Instead of queuing up Netflix, take the chance to crack open a book or other forms of bedtime reading instead to prepare for sleep.

We recommend turning on your “Night Shift” / “Dark Mode” on your phones to reduce blue light emission and checking out some of our other blogs below to wind down before bed🛌📖

Browse through the rest of our blogs below now!

Habit 3: Keeping a Journal

A guy at his desk journalling for self care
SG Bike Bottle and Notebook

When we talk about self care, keeping a journal is an incredibly beneficial technique that not only allows you to pen down your inner thoughts and feelings, but also to reduce stress.✍

Playing background music🎶 can also help to put us in the mood to do some journaling.

Wondering if you should make a trip down to your local bookstore to buy your notebook and pen to journal?

Why not follow us on SG Bike's Facebook and Instagram for promotions and updates to stand a chance to win your very own exclusive SG Bike notebook and pen to kickstart your journaling journey😊

Also, do check out the Spotify playlists that we have put together for you that are befitting of every mood!🎧

Habit 4: Taking Occasional Breaks During Work

As we furiously type away on our laptops in the name of productivity during a typical workday, we tend to forget the time and spend hours in a rat race working without rest.🔁

Instead, you should be taking short breaks every hour or so to remain at peak productivity throughout the day and keep burnouts at bay. 💪🏻

A good way to do so is to allocate off-screen time by leaving all your work in your designated work area and taking occasional breaks in other “leisure” parts of your house. Do remember to rest your eyes and look into the distance while doing so.

I personally love to participate in people watching👀(no judgement💁‍♀️) during my breaks and find it surprisingly calming.

While you are at it, why not keep a lookout for the occasional SG Bike cycling around your neighbourhood and bathe in the tranquil peacefulness of the world around us on your next break!🌈

Habit 5: Exercise Regularly

We have all seen the crowded gyms on the first day of the year, before seeing more and more people disappearing as the weeks pass by.

Instead of having to allocate extra time to workout in your already packed schedule, why not consider replacing your daily commute on the packed MRTs and buses🚌 with a peaceful and healthy ride on our SG Bike bicycles!🚲

With a 30 days ride pass being priced at only $11.90, you can have the cake and eat it too by saving money on transport while working off the calories to meet your new year's fitness resolution!🎯

Psst, use the promo code: NEWYEAR22 for FREE 7 days of unlimited 30-minute trips! Download the SG Bike app and start crushing your new year resolutions now!😊🚲

Check out the following article for other ways to commute in SG!

Try these self-care habits out and let us know whether it works for you! May you have a prosperous new year and "just send it" to crush all your goals for the best year of your life ahead!😍

Remember to stay safe and always maintain social distancing while you are at it. Together we can work to overcome and fight against COVID-19! 💪🏻❤️


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