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Late Night Cycling & Supper Adventure in Singapore (Travel by BlueSG & SG Bike)!

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

Late Night Cycling & Supper Adventure with BlueSG and SG Bike

Ran out of ideas on what to do in Singapore? We have all had this question in our minds - “What to do ah?” Singaporeans are always on the lookout for the next in-trend activity but have you tried travelling around Singapore in an affordable, sustainable yet fun way?

We have picked out wallet-friendly & fun activities you can do with your family and friends where travelling is not only made easy and enjoyable but also eco-friendly 🌱 :

1. Pick your friends up with BlueSG

Friends in a BlueSG car

Thinking of what to do before your supper plans? Not everyone has friends who live nearby but fret not! Rent a BlueSG car 🚙 near you using the BlueSG app and head off to pick up your friends to kickstart your late night adventure at East Coast Park with some night cycling! Simply search for the nearest BlueSG station and reserve an available BlueSG car for up to 30 minutes.

Begin your trip in 4 simple steps:

  1. Tap your BlueSG card or paired EZ-Link card on the card reader of a charge point

  2. Tap your card on the reader located next to the driver's wing mirror to unlock the car

  3. Open the vehicle's power door at the back of the car, unplug the cable and return it to the charge point

  4. Close the vehicle's power door, check the exterior condition of the car and you are ready to go!

Psst.. scroll below for an exclusive offer for new BlueSG users at the end of this post!

Total cost on BlueSG for a 30 minutes trip: $10.80 ($0.36/min x 30 mins)

BlueSG stations near ECP to end your trip:

  • 59 Marine Terrace, Singapore 440059

  • 35A Marine Crescent, Singapore 441035

  • 65A Marine Drive, Singapore 441065

2. Night cycling from East Coast Park to Marina Bay on an SG Bike

Cycling on SG Bike at ECP

Looking for an avenue to de-stress away from the heat and the crowd? You will be surprised at just how calming and relaxing it is to cycle at night in the cool breeze 🍃 being surrounded by lush greenery 🌳 and beautiful skylines near the bay area 🌃 . Cycle with your friends on an SG Bike 🚴🏼‍♀️ by simply launching the SG Bike app to locate available bicycles nearby (shown as red icons on the map).

Unlock an SG Bike in 3 simple steps:

  1. Tap “Unlock” on the SG Bike app

  2. Scan the QR code on the smart lock at the back wheel of the bicycle

  3. Once you have unlocked the bicycle, you are ready to go!

New to SG Bike? Scroll below for a promo code!

3. Stop by the F1 Pit Building for some pictures

Friends cycling at F1 Pit Building

Zoom down the F1 track on an SG Bike with your pals 🏁 ! Riding along the track home to the Formula 1 crew is an experience not to be missed. Don’t forget to snap some pictures 📸 for the gram #sgbikesingapore!

Ride down to the Marina Bay area for a scenic night view before ending your cycling trip for a supper adventure.

Here’s how to end your SG Bike trip in 3 simple steps:

  1. Locate a designated bicycle parking spot in the app (yellow boxes near bus stops/MRT stations/places of interest)

  2. Push your bicycle into the parking spot and push the lever located on the smart lock at the back wheel of the bicycle to lock your bicycle

  3. Tap “End Trip” on the app and scan the parking QR code found on the ground near the bicycle parking spot

Total cost on SG Bike for a 2 hours trip: $3.70 ($1 for first 30 mins, $0.03/subsequent min) FREE first 30 minutes if you have a promo code or ride pass!

4. Drive BlueSG for supper adventure - Late night supper (...mookata, dimsum or hotpot!)

Friends getting into BlueSG car
Siam Square Mookata at Golden Mile

Feeling hungry after all that cycling? 😋 Drive off on a BlueSG car to your favourite supper spots! Satisfy your late night cravings with some Siam Square Mookata at Golden Mile (Open daily from 12pm to 6am), Dim Sum at Swee Choon (Evening operation timings: Mondays to Thursdays & Sundays from 6pm to 2am, Fridays & Saturdays from 6pm to 3am) or Beauty In The Pot at Jewel Changi Airport (Open daily from 11.30am to 3am)!

BlueSG stations near Marina Bay:

  • 1 Esplanade Drive, Singapore 038981

5. Head home with BlueSG

Friends in BlueSG car

After filling your tummies with some yummy good food, it’s about time to head home for a good night’s rest. Without having to worry about midnight surcharges or public transport not in operation, you can head home on a BlueSG car that is available 24/7 🕒 .

Tip: You can pre-book a parking spot 45 minutes before reaching your destination to secure a parking spot!

Here’s how to end your trip:

  1. Park your car in a chosen parking lot (you can reserve a lot in the app)

  2. Tap your BlueSG card or paired EZ-Link card on the card reader of a charge point

  3. Open the vehicle's power door at the back of the car

  4. Remove the charging cable from the station and plug the cable into the car

How amazing is it that you can get to enjoy and explore Singapore without having to burn a hole in your wallet yet still help Singapore move towards reducing carbon emissions 🌏 ❤️ ?

Wait no more and start planning your late night activity with your friends 👫 !


(Custom map with pinned locations)

Can’t wait to get started on your late night adventure?

Exclusive Offers

For BlueSG new users:

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For SG Bike new users:

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