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Save $438 When You Choose Bicycles Over Diesel Cars 😱

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

Sustainability. Global Citizenship. Carbon Neutrality. Yes, SG Bike is 3-in-1. 😎

SG Bike by the busy city streets
SG Bike by the bustling streets of Singapore. 🏙️

34 million (34,000,000) tonnes is the amount of carbon emission Singapore releases into the world annually. According to a research study, a single tonne of carbon emission is equivalent to S$288 worth of environmental damages. This essentially means that carbon emissions are costing Singapore 9.792 billion dollars (S$9,792,000,000) annually. 🤯

The annual environmental damages:

34,000,000 tonnes x $288/tonne = $9,792 billion

SG Bike docked gracefully by the bay.
SG Bike docked gracefully by the bay. 🤗

A tonne of carbon emission is produced through 6,000 kilometres of diesel vehicle operation and a little bit of quick math (yet again) tells us that the implied environmental cost is S$0.048/kilometre travelled. Suppose that a citizen travels 25 kilometres a day by bicycle (probably by SG Bike as it is your preferred bike-sharing company), he/she will save our environment approximately S$438 worth of damages annually. 🤑

What you will save in a year: $0.048/km x 9,125km = $438

Every ride is a ride in the right direction
Take notes📝: Every ride is a ride in the right direction. ➡️

Small efforts lead to big results. Imagine this effect scaling up a hundredfold with approximately a hundred thousand users. We are potentially witnessing millions of environmental damages being saved through our simple and hassle-free initiative of switching to cycling, a carbon-neutral transport alternative! 😍💰

SG Bike in a designated docking spot!

So, you might be thinking: “I am convinced and motivated to play my part for the environment. However, it is inconvenient to cycle...

Well, bid farewell to your woes. SG Bike is the solution - always is and always has been! 😉 Firstly, SG Bike diligently maintains your bicycles for you. Gone were the days where you had to get your hands greasy servicing your rusty bicycle chains through your precious weekend(s). With SG Bike, unlock your weekends and enjoy them as you should! 💅 Secondly, the convenience of docking your bicycles anywhere in a public space (yellow designated docking spots). Let's be honest, the bomb shelter really isn't a storeroom nor the place to dock your bicycle. With SG Bike, let your bomb shelter serve its intended purpose and allow yourself to enjoy the freedom of docking your bicycles anywhere you'd like! 🚲

Last but definitely not least, the ease of locating an SG Bike across Singapore. As Singapore's largest bike-sharing company with a fleet of 25,000 bicycles, locating an SG Bike is over-easy. Simply head over to the nearest docking spot - Scan, Unlock, and Ride! 🤳


So, with your woes out of the window, what are you waiting for? SG Bike has essentially done everything for you (aside from riding the bicycle itself 🤪)! Start riding now with SG Bike to play your part in our fight against carbon emissions! 🥊🏭


Download the SG Bike app to begin your cycling journey!

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