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How To Get The Mcdonald's Bts Meal In Singapore! [Sure-Win Guide] ⟬⟭💜

Updated: Jul 14

The BTS Meal teaser by Mcdonald's
Oh my my my, the BTS Meal it's here! 😍😍😍😍

Image by: McDonald's

Imagine having waited two months for the BTS meal just to hear that it is: SOLD OUT. 😭

Honestly, that feeling sucks and we don’t want you to feel that way.

Although life goes on, it shouldn’t have gone on in this manner.

Therefore, SG Bike makes it right through our very own life hack to the BTS Meal! 😇

For the uninitiated, McDonald's is having a special collaboration with the World's most popular boy band: BTS! The BTS Meal includes 10 pieces of chicken McNuggets, medium fries, a drink, and two new limited-time sauces (cajun sauce and sweet chili sauce)! 😋

10 piece nuggets, sweet chili sauce, cajun sauce, fries, and drinks

Image by: Instagram/@min_taehyun_offical_

Let's get started on working towards our personal encapsulation of the BTS Meal - McDonald's x BTS collab merchandise! 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

A BTS Meal encapsulated and preserved.
The Ultimate End Goal: Mcdonald's x BTS collab merchandise! 🥰🥰

Image by: Facebook/Penang My Hometown​​​​​

We have all heard about the hype and frenzy for the BTS Meal since its initial release in Hong Kong and, specifically, Indonesia.

In Indonesia, more than 10 McDonald's outlets were closed due to the overwhelming demand of fans attempting to Grab (pun intended) the BTS Meal. 😰😰

Grab drivers piling up in a McDonald's outlet in Indonesia.
Grab drivers piling up in a McDonald's outlet in Indonesia. 😷

Image by: AFP/Aditya Aji

Another recent example would be the Travis Scott Meal in the United States. The meal entailed a Travis Scott burger (Quarter Pounder), fries, and a drink. The demand for the meal was so overwhelming that Mcdonald’s had faced a shortage for its Quarter Pounders merely days after the meal was introduced.

And, a saga closer to our hearts would be the Mcdonald’s queue situation in Singapore, 2019 when the Hello Kitty holder was released. Singaporean fans queued overnight to secure the holder which sold out in 14 hours. #steadyla 🤯🤯

Mcdonald's queue situation in Singapore's Hello Kitty launch.
Singaporeans queuing for the Hello Kitty merchandise in 2019. 😵

Image by: The New Paper

Having established the importance of securing your BTS meals as soon as possible, let’s cut right to the chase - How do we secure the BTS Meal? (Game mode: ON) 🤗

Mcdonalds with an SG Bike parked in front

We have 2 game plans (Solo & Team Mission) specially curated for you. Let's go! ▶️

Game Plan 1 – Solo Mission 🚴🏻

As queues vary across every Mcdonald’s outlet, it is vital that you enter the right queue at the right time for the most optimal waiting time.

1. Plan your route the night/week before ✍🏼

(The duration increases exponentially depending on your excitement for the BTS Meal.)

Locate the Mcdonald's outlets in your vicinity (preferably 3-4 outlets) and pin them up!

Here’s an example if you reside in the central area:

2. Download the SG Bike app and unlock an SG Bike at any docking station! 🤳🚲

SG Bike parked in an orderly manner in Singapore

3. Ride across and observe the Mcdonald’s outlets identified in step 1. 😎🧐

Ride in either a clockwise or an anti-clockwise sequence to maximise your efficiency.

Observe the queue situations as you pass by the outlets with your reliable SG Bike.

Mcdonald's outlets located in the central area
4 Mcdonald's outlets identified in the central area

Naturally, you will start wondering: “Which outlet should I select?”. 🤔

Well, a convenient rule of thumb would be to observe the operational capacity of the outlet (e.g. number of self-ordering kiosks multiplied by staff at work) and the number of customers in line.

4. Some really quick math.... (no kidding) 🤓

Ways people secure their BTS Meals meme, BTS Meme

Let the optimality of the queue be B, the operational capacity of the outlet be T, and the number of customers be S.

….B = T/S….

Example: Raffles’s Mcdonald's outlet has 4 kiosks, 9 staff at work, and 10 customers in line.

Optimality of queue = (4x9)/10 = 3.6

The higher the optimality, the better it is for you to queue at the particular outlet(s).

5. Voilà enjoy the BTS Meal you have worked hard (and smart) for! 🏆🏆

Winner, you made it guys!
You deserve this meal, King/Queen! 👑👑

Game Plan 2 – Team Mission 🚴🏻 🚴🏻‍♂️🚴🏻 🚴🏻‍♂️🚴🏻

Alright, the team mission as promised. Steps 1,2,4,5 are similar to Game Plan 1.

The only variation lies in step 3.

*Step 3 – Every friend goes to one particular outlet simultaneously 🙋 🙋‍♂️

I guess teamwork does make the dream work.

Group of users riding their SG Bike

Every member will calculate the optimality of the queuing situation .(B=T/S). and report to the team through your preferred communication channel (Telegram or Discord if you are slightly more intense😎).

Thereafter, the team will hop onto their SG Bike and ride towards the Mcdonald's with the highest optimality reported! 🤠 In view of the safe distancing measures, please remember to limit your teams to a maximum of five members! 

Editor's final words: Enjoy your BTS Meal and remember to keep your meal away from Dad as he might just use them to store worms.... 😐🐛 (Not uploading the image to save you from the heartbreak. You are very welcome!)

So…. what are you waiting for, Singapore's ARMY? Download SG Bike right NOW and start making your plans for 21st June 2021!! 🥳🥳 (UPDATE: As of 16 June 2021, The BTS Meal is only available for delivery!)

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