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What to do during Phase 2 Heightened Alert (P2HA)?

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

Singapore has returned to Phase 2 Heightened Alert (P2HA) due to a growing cluster leading to the escalation of COVID-19 community cases. Tightened measures have been put in placed to restrict social gatherings to limit further spread.

With such measures in place, there is still a slew of activities that you can enjoy during this period! Just remember to follow the guidelines and practice the necessary safety measures such as donning a mask on and maintaining social distancing.

So here is a list of things that you can do during this P2HA!


1. Relax and recuperate

Man looking into the seaview with a bicycle beside him

Having trouble concentrating and feeling a sort of "aimless-ness"?

You might be experiencing languishing - a sense of stagnation and emptiness.

For many months, the work-from-home arrangement has been the default for many. While such arrangement has its benefits such as reduced time spent on daily travelling/dressing-up and a more flexible schedule, it has a fair share of downsides too. For instance, we start to lose our boundaries and experience fragmented attention due to constant distractions and interruptions at home which negatively affects our mental health.

Therefore it is important to carve out your "me-time"! Set aside an uninterrupted period of time to get in the "flow" to completely immerse yourself in activities that you enjoy!

2. Stay fit and healthy

Girl cycling happily

Yet again, we have to say goodbye to the gyms, yoga, and spin classes due to the cessation of all strenuous indoor exercise activities.

Before we start piling up made-up excuses to put aside our fitness goals, there are many other alternative ways that we can continue to stay active! One such way can be cycling, as it comes with many health benefits. There are also many ways to enjoy cycling, such as having the company of your favourite tunes (find out the perfect Spotify cycling playlist for you!) or simply enjoying the views of Singapore.

Find out more from some of our recommended cycling routes/guides:

3. Enjoy delicious food

Takeaway food, Xian Dan Chao Ren

While dine-in at all F&B establishments are not allowed during this period, fret not, as many of them are still available for takeaways and delivery options! You will still be able to feast on your favourite dishes from the comfort of your home!

Here are some of SG Bike's food recommendations:

4. Stay in touch with your loved ones

Two friends pushing bicycles and having a conversation

Last but not least, the most important of all, it is to stay in touch with our loved ones.

While we hustle and stumble through life, let's appreciate the people who have been around to support us through all of it. There are many ways to stay connected with online services such as video-call and instant messaging platforms. Furthermore, each household is still permitted to have up to 2 distinct visitors per household per day.


Two friends cycling in the park

Well, that's just some things that you can do during this P2HA! While there are many other activities that we can engage in, it is important that we practise the necessary safety measures such as donning on our masks and maintaining social distancing.

The government encourages everyone to stay at home as much as possible and only head out when necessary. Only with the efforts of everyone, measures implemented will be effective to overcome and fight against COVID-19.

Let's all play our part while staying safe and healthy!


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